The Time Kim Jong-il Ate Six Beagle-Sized Rabbits

And other North Korea stories.

Rabbit, with dog for scale. Photo by Stamatisclan.
North and South Korea at night. (Pubic domain NASA image.)
The African Renaissance Monument and Les Mamelles Hills. (Image source: Wikipedia.)
Want a giant statues of the leader? Mansudae Studios is your man. Left: The statues of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il on Mansu Hill (photo by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen); right: African Rennaissance Monument (photo by Jeff Attaway).
Fragment from “St Jerome and the Lion,” by Sano di Pietro.
The Fairy Tale Fountain vs. Duchamp’s “Fountain.” Source: Wikipedia.
(1) “Let Us Sustain the Party with Grain!” (Perfect for a college dorm room). (2) “The Game of Beating to Death Americans Is Very Funny.” (Originally hung in an elementary school.) Source.
Karl Szmolinsky and one of his rabbits vs. “Let Us Launch an All-People Campaign to Breed Rabbits in Schools and Work-Places!”

Visual artist following curiosity wherever it leads. I have a Harvard PhD in philosophy.

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