Inside Sliced Corpses, Holes of Hope

Why I love Hyman Bloom’s Paintings

Seated Old Woman, c. 1972–73
Female Corpse, Back View, 1947
The gender gap: Female Corpse, Front View, 1945 and Corpse of an Elderly Male, 1944
Christmas Tree, 1939.
The Harpies, 1947.
Pollock didn’t have a foot on the ladder: Bloom’s Treasure Map, 1945 vs. Pollock’s Convergence, 1952.
The Anatomist, 1953.
Cadaver on a Table, 1953.
The Medium, 1953.
Severed Leg, 1953.
Closer to Rembrandt than to Francis Bacon: Bacon’s Figure with Meat, 1954, Bloom’s Slaughtered Animal, 1953, and Rembrandt’s Carcass of an Ox, 1630s.

Visual artist following curiosity wherever it leads. I have a Harvard PhD in philosophy.

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