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Like Something Spilling

Today I’m grateful
for Louisa licking
my face and wanting
big hugs and bounding, her tongue
flapping sideways out her mouth.

for the patter of rain like stars
exploding, the tiny crinkly ripples
overlapping, the pattern
of droplet-covered waves

for the feeling of being

For the new comfy sheets and extra-
long sleeps. for the lazy,
easy morning

for the beepy boopy parts
of Ben’s playlist, for him
being understanding
when I got sad

and lovingly mocking
my hiccups

Today Im grateful
for the walk, the blue garden, the flower
puddles, so many lilac colors
all in a row, such green depth
at the end of the road

for the sunset reappearing
twice after it was
supposed to be done

For the curious sheep, the squirrels
jumping over each other, the bounce
back of the branch beneath them

for the man walking
color-sorted dogs

for the dogwoods which led
us off our path.

Today I’m grateful
for the smell of trees at night,
lemon magnolias and purple clouds,
the sense of accomplishment
after cleaning

and for the birds flying across the sky
— like something spilling.

This is a yearly tradition. If you enjoyed this, you might like the version from 2017 or 2018.

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Staff writer at Rabbit Hole Magazine. Harvard PhD. Want to video chat about one of my articles? Pick a slot at

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