A running list of my posts


Opinion: It’s Okay Not to Like Modern Art
Everything but the Ear: The Stems of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers
Misunderstood Genius: Why I love the worst painting in Britain (On Adolphe Monticelli)

Thoughts from exhibitions and concerts: Stopover at the Munchmuseet
What’s the Difference Between a Black Rectangle and an Empty Room?
Rik Wouters: The Painter of Love
Modernist Mimesis: Art in Bloom at the MFA
The Gravity of the Human Face: Two Portraits by Matisse
The Most Fashionable Room in Amsterdam
A Ruthless Exhibition: 20th Century Art at Kraków’s National Gallery
Breathing of Statues: Notes from an Arvo Pärt Concert
Discomfort Food: Aubrey Levinthal’s Powerfully Depressing Solo Show
A Handprint Against the Sunset (On David Park and Claude Monet)


Between Scam and Symbol: Gorée Island’s “House of Slaves”
Barbed Wire and Avo Toast (On gentrification in Woodstock, Cape Town)
Sex in Senegal

No-frills itineraries:
Iceland’s Ring Road: A Road Trip for Hikers
South Africa’s Western Cape: A Road Trip for Hikers

Froofy descriptions:
From Dakar:
Greetings, Bleatings, and Baobabs
On Top of the World: My Weekdays in Dakar
Three Boys and a Suitcase: Sketches from Dakar
Trio for Goat, Metal Box, and Electric Rooster: The Sounds of Dakar

Mental Health

Gratitude (2017)
My Year in Gratitude (2018)
Gratitude (2019)
The Social Introvert… Is Every Introvert
PMS Is Real (But It’s Not About Irritability)
Is This Philosophy — and Does It Matter?

Notes from a 10-day meditation retreat:
Part 1: The Wisdom of the Nostril


Translator’s Notes: Miron Białoszewski’s “Mironagony”
Gnomes and Nostalgia: On Bolesław Leśmian’s “The Snow”

Book Reviews

Review of “Pictures & Tears: A History of People Who Have Cried in Front of Paintings”


My Real Name

(Medium makes it hard to find people’s posts on their profile (since they can get buried under comments and responses to comments, which get counted as full-blown posts). To rectify this, I’ll try to keep this list of my posts up-to-date.)

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