Everything you knew about color mixing is wrong.

The painter’s color wheel. (Source: Shutterstock).

You’re a pigeon. Embrace it.

Image by Mark E. Bouton (Creative Commons.)

Why I love Hyman Bloom’s Paintings

Humans 101

It’s one of our most innate and reliable guides

Zuzanna Ginczanka’s “Non Omnis Moriar”

Zuzanna Ginczanka in 1934.

And other North Korea stories.

Rabbit, with dog for scale. Photo by Stamatisclan.

Translating a Heartbreaking Poem

Zuzanna Ginczanka. (All images public domain.)

A new type of meditation helped me reshuffle my memories

Why were the polls wrong in 2016 and 2020?

Eve Bigaj

Visual artist following curiosity wherever it leads. I have a Harvard PhD in philosophy. Learn colorful painting with me: evebigaj.com

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